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VW Adidas Golf Special Edition


VW Adidas Golf
VW has debuted a play on words, a VW Adidas Themed Golf.  The special edition VW Golf builds off of the standard GTI version, which will be modified with mainly cosmetic upgrades.  Adidas has worked closely with VW to create a themed car that stays true to both manufacturers and it looks like the people in Worthersee, where the Golf was debuted, were pleasantly surprised.  Other than a shifter knob molded after a golf ball, lets see what has the Germans all excited. 
VW Adidas Golf
This special edition golf had been hinted at before, but the details were sketchy and at most rumors of logos were all that adorned the tricked out GTI.  Since it’s debut we now know that besides being draped in Adidas logos, the Golf will also feature some extremely nice rims, custom paint, and some interior upgrades as well. 
VW Adidas Golf
Inside you will find updated seats, with the famed Adidas three stripes running over the top.  In addition, Adidas logos can be found stamped on the B-Pillar, but it’s not large enough to distract from the simple and smooth Golf design.  Also on the outside you will find some special edition 18″ rims, featuring a 10-spoke alloy setup.  The lighting of the GTI has also been modified to be unique to the Adidas theme, which includes the standard bi-xenon headlights and cornering lights, with some special smoked LED tail lights. 
VW Adidas Golf
It’s a bit of a stretch, as to why Adidas would team up with Volkswagen to create this special edition Golf.  According to VW the answer is simple, this car brings together the 3 most influential brands in Germany; Adidas, VW, and GTI.  This mash up of manufacturers will reportedly appeal to the mass European market, then Australia, and eventually the Adidas Golf will find it’s way to US shores. 
VW Adidas Golf
VW made it clear that the Adidas Golf would be built in limited quantities, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 total units.  Buyers will have the option of ordering the special edition GTI in either Candy White, Black Uni, Tornado Red, or Oryx White.  As of this posting no pricing has been released. 
VW Adidas Golf
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