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2010 Kia Ghost Soul

Kia Ghost Soul
Kia has released another special edition vehicle in the Soul model, known as Ghost Soul.  It’s a haunting experience for a limited engagement and offers plenty of options for an otherwise basic ride.  Performance enthusiasts need not apply, but the Ghost special edition Soul offers some nice amenities to justify the price.  The Ghost Soul is not the first special edition model from Kia, they also offer an Ignition, Denim, and Shadow Dragon Soul version.  So what makes this Ghost unique?
Kia Ghost Soul
First of all the Ghost Soul comes completely loaded, with all options available for the Soul model lineup.  In addition, the Ghost offers an upgraded sound system boasting a big sub woofer and external amplifier for plenty of noise.  Furthermore, there are other interior upgrades like black leather seats, butt warmers, and some sexy chrome trim.
Kia Ghost Soul
Next up on the Ghost Soul features are special vents along the front fenders, which set it apart form it’s standard Soul brethren.  Although these seem sporty they actually don’t add any performance benefits, just for looks.  Also, there are plenty of light highlights around the vehicle, like side marker repeater lights, and even lights around the speakers.
Kia Ghost Soul
If the side vents didn’t provide enough exterior tweaking to justify the Ghost name, Kia added it’s own sport body kit as well.  Other nice additions to the Soul are moon roof, fog lights, and massive 18″ rims that look even bigger on this small compact car.  Lastly there is a special edition spoiler for the Ghost model, so those driving behind know just how special this ride really is.
Kia Ghost Soul
The sale price for the Ghost Soul checks in at just over $20,000.  This MSRP includes all the options listed in this article, so obviously nicely equipped.  Kia claims that the Ghost Soul was offered to show off just how flexible the Soul is, in regards to design and ease of customization.  The unique and frankly weird looking Soul isn’t for all drivers, but for those looking to go against the grain it’s a nice option to have.
Kia Ghost Soul
The 2010 Kia Ghost Soul is available for order now in a 5-Speed Manual gearbox configuration.View more photos of the 2010 Kia Ghost Soul.

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