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Suzuki Makai Concept Car


Suzuki Makai

It’s no Woody but the Suzuki Makai concept car, which was shown at the New York International Auto Show, has ‘Duuude’ written all over it.  Complete with two surf boards, the fluorescent orange concept ride by Suzuki shows that surfers just want to have fun.  The Makai appears to have been built around two things, fun and functionality, and by function I mean it fits the lifestyles of the stereotypical surfer dude.

Suzuki Makai

Forget a hard top, no beach bound vehicle would need such an apparatus, the Makai is all convertible.  In extreme cases I suppose a tarp could be thrown over the top and a makeshift roof could be made, but why block the sun man?  Don’t be square and jump into some custom seats that look less like performance butt planters and more like the lawn furniture I keep on my back patio.  Although they may resemble the cheap chairs I got from Wal-mart on clearance, they are actually leather.  They look right at home in the open Makai and are even elevated, so air can zip under the nether regions and help dry out those swim trunks on the way home from a day in the surf.

Suzuki Makai

On the outside the first thing that jumps out is the severe lack of door handles.  Since the Makai is all about openness and no boundaries there are no need for locks or door handles.  The shaved look is awesome and gives the Suzuki Makai a clean, laid-back vibe.  It’s a good thing too, considering the only way to open the door is to reach in and lift the door handle from the inside.(Don’t leave your iPod sitting on the seat while walking the beach, checking out the eye candy.)

Suzuki Makai

Industry analysts at the Auto Show were suspecting that the Suzuki Makai was a possible sneak peak at an upcoming convertible.  Like most concept vehicles, the Makai is just too far out there to make it into the actual production line and instead adds to the flare one would come to expect at the New York Auto Show.  Perhaps Suzuki plans on offering a PT Cruiser clone and the Makai was debuted to get a response from perspective buyers.

More pictures of the Suzuki Makai concept car.

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