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Flickr Photo Roundup #1

Flickr is a popular social networking site that allows users from all over the world to upload their photos.  Sometimes these photos can mundane, pictures of a users breakfast.  But sometimes, the pictures uploaded to Flickr are remarkable, featuring some of the most exotic cars known to man.  This Flickr photo roundup will focus on photos capturing exotic and unique cars out in the wild.  Whether it’s the Ferrari Testarossa setting out in front of the grocery store or a Bugatti Veyron kicked back in a hotel parking lot waiting on it’s owner, these are the top 4 Flickr finds of the day.

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa photo courtesy of –

Some of you might be old enough to remember throwing quarters at an arcade game called Out Run!  The car you control in the video game was modeled after the Ferrari Testarossa and it’s easy to see why.  Sleek, bold, and super fast, it was the Ferrari to own in the 80′s.  The Ferrari Testarossa was first intorduced in 1984 and was powered by a V12.  Ferrari manufactured the $220,000 super car up until 1996.  Identifiable by it’s side intake and raked lines, the Testarossa was the last 12 cylinder mid-engine car that Ferrari produced.

Lamborghini Renton

Lamborghini Reventon photo courtesy of –

The Lamborghini Reventon, pictured above, is one of the rarest Lambo’s ever made.  It was only built from 2008-2009 and was limited in production to only 20.  The Reventon borrows all it’s performance components from the Murcielago, except for the body which was specifically designed by Lamborghini for the Reventon.  The body itself was molded after fighter jets and looks about as close to the Batmobile as possible, without being outfitted with a turbine engine.

SLR McLaren

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren photo courtesy of –

It’s hard for someone of my means to imagine such an exotic car out and about.  Like anyone proud of their toys, an owner of a SLR McLaren is probably the most paranoid of them all, what with a $500,000 USD price tag and all.  Plus the temptation to let all the power lose in the middle of downtown anywhere spells disaster.  This profile picture of the SLR McLaren shows off how the SLR got it’s name, Sport – Light – Racing.

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 photo courtesy of –

Maybe not the most exotic or expensive car on today’s Flickr Photo Roundup, but certainly worthy of a spot.  The gray color is unique on such a flashy car, but perhaps the owner thought having a Porsche 911 was already enough to start turning heads.  The Porsche 911 has been built since 1963 and continues to drop jaws in 2010, with several editions capable of burning 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds.  It’s an unholy union of power, handling, and light weight strength.

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