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Bentley Continental GT Crocodile Wrap

Crocodile Wrapped Bentley Continental GT

Unless you’ve been living in a van down by the river, then you are probably aware of a super luxury brand car called a Bentley.  Well, Bentley released a super model car called a Continental GT in 2003, which is priced in the $270,000 USD price range.  The Continental GT has been through a few iterations since 2003, with special engine offerings on select models like the Flying Spur and GT Speed.  The base engine setup is a 6.0 liter twin turbo, paired with a 6 speed transmission, which is capable of laying down just over 550 horsepower.  Point being, this isn’t a car you put a sticker on, it’s one you hire a driver to escort you around in.

Crocodile Wrapped Bentley Continental GT

Tell that to the super rich, which just like anyone else, who want to be unique.  Even with such a steep price tag there are apparently too many look-a-like Bentleys parked on the same street corner, so one Russian company has designed a Crocodile wrap.  The wrap is almost like a really expensive sticker, it’s adhesive backed plastic, instead of a paint and is applied over all the body panels and fenders.  Wraps are fairly common on Bentleys, most popular are wraps that give the paint a matte finish.

Matte Finish Bentley Continental GT

The Russian made Crocodile skin wrap for this Bentley Continental GT was done to give a more exclusive look to the already elite vehicle.  Hard to imagine what people will come up with next to make their uber rides even more unique.  But why go with a wrap?  Wraps are popular amongst the commercial service market as a way to make their delivery vehicles stand out.  Often times wraps will include logos and images which completely encase a vehicle, including it’s windows.  This type of modification doesn’t belong anywhere near a super luxury car by the name of Bentley.

Crocodile Wrapped Bentley Continental GT

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