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Gentoo Concept Car


Gentoo Concept Car

I’m scared to death one of these days I’m actually going to see one of these Gentoo Concept Cars on the interstate.  With the arrival of new smart cars, hybrids, and most manufacturers shrinking leg room, this concept is probably not too far off.  This would be just one step below the golf carts we already see on the road today.  The only limiting factor would no doubt be safety, but who cares how safe it is as long as you can get 99 miles per gallon.

The name of this concept car is even environmentally minded, borrowing it’s name from the largest Penguin in the world.  It’s obvious the shape of the Gentoo concept car is borrowed from the penguin, with it’s egg shape, and wheel position.  It almost looks as though this car would even waddle down the road.

Gentoo Concept Car

According to Gentoo concept car specs, this car was created to not use any traditional fuels for power, instead gets it’s kicks from a lithium battery.  It also has to take advantage of self balancing technology, similar to that found in Segways, to drive around on 2 wheels without falling flat on it’s penguin face.

I’ve noticed a lot more concept cars focusing on personal transportation and less designed for car pooling.  Is this the future of transportation, instead of larger capacity vehicles we are devolving into one body movers?  This isn’t the first concept for one-man transportation, it takes it’s ques from the likes of the Peugeot egg-car and GM’s PUMA.  Although, for what it’s worth, at least two people can fit inside the PUMA, not that they would necessarily want to.

Gentoo Concept Car

If the Gentoo concept car were ever put into production, it’d make a great alternative to the scooters we see today.  Perhaps it wouldn’t require a license to drive, so 15 year-old’s could have an alternative way to travel in the rain, instead of freezing on a 2 wheeled moped.  Also, lets not forget about the trendy all inclusive resorts, which are always looking for gimmicks to bring in the tourists.  Next destination, touring the beach on a modified Gentoo Penguin car.

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  • On 05.03.12 Ty said:

    I agree, these cars drive me nuts. I hope once electric cars get settled out, maybe we can go back to good designs, like long hoods and good fashioned chrome. I wish cars were still works of art.

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