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Citroen GQ Concept Car

Citroen GQ Concept Car

Are you a gentleman?  Really it doesn’t matter, I’m quite confident the all new concept car from Citroen will happily be sold to the highest bidder.  But let’s not ignore the benefit and raw appeal of such a sexy and sleek man’s-man kind of car.  The Citroen GQ Concept Car was designed by Mark Lloyd and Patrick Gavin of Citroen and the brain biscuit of GQ’s editor Dylan Jones.

Citroen GQ Concept Car

The GQ Citroen was built with GQ’s readership in mind, the gentleman, a man of refinement.  Therefore, the concept team has given special attention to the ‘want’ factor of such a vehicle.  Keeping gentlemen in mind, there is no macho face melting, instead a quiet confidence.  Handling and power is tuned to tempt any man, yet be subtle enough to come across as sophisticated, a gentleman’s car.

Citroen GQ Concept Car

As for the meat and potatoes, the numbers are no doubt exaggerated.  It’s powered by a 1.6 liter four-banger diesel, apparently tuned to limit CO2 emissions below a figure that doesn’t make sense to most gear heads.  Like any well dressed man, size isn’t supposed to matter, only performance.  According to Citroen the little engine that could is capable of rocketing the GQ car from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and top out at 155 mph.  Citroen is also quick to mention that the top speed is only limited by an electronic governor.

Citroen GQ Concept Car

Speaking of well dressed men, the exterior of this suave beast is quite a work of art.  Citroen outfitted the GQ car with suicide doors, long wheel base, monster rims, and just a hint of wagonesque molding.  Although the big mouth bumper won’t give it away, the profile view has a hint of grocery getting goodness.  But don’t start glowing in anticipation, even if you do have a fat wallet, the GQ concept car will most likely never be put into production.  However, feel free to check out more detailed information in the upcoming April issue of GQ.

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