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Aston Martin

V12 Aston Martin Black Carbon

Vantage V12 Black Carbon Special Edition

Aston Martin has been busy showing off again with their upcoming V12 Vantage Black Carbon Special Edition.  Wrapped in a black hue worthy of billion dollar jets, this stealth driver is showing off some serious attitude.  It’s a paint job that requires a professional manufacturer 50 hours to complete and the result is truly breath taking.  Aston Martin didn’t stop at the exterior paint either, they also spent time applying carbon accents, gloss black diamond alloy rims, and on the inside Obsidian Black leather with Piano black trim.  But it’s not just color that makes this black beauty special.

On the inside Aston Martin has forged new seats out of carbon fiber and reinforced with kevlar.  Not only is this combination aesthetically pleasing but also provides a weight savings of over 16kg.  But it’s not like the Aston Martin v12 Vantage was exactly a fattie either, this agile monster was bred for the track.  It’s obvious if you glance at the profile that this car is poised, ready to pounce, ripping through 6 gears to hit 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

Vantage V12 Black Carbon Special Edition

Taking a deeper look at what the paint is actually covering makes it obvious why the v12 Vantage would be the choice of Bond’s everywhere.  This British car manufacturer doesn’t bother with a power adder, instead, the v12 is all 6.0 liters of meat.  The blend of agility and raw power provides equal power to the foot at all engine speeds, making for a one of a kind drive.  So much that the purchase of the special edition Vantage also comes with a free bonus!

Vantage V12 Black Carbon Special Edition

Estimated to cost about 5% above the price of a normal V12 Vantage, the Black Carbon Special Edition will come with a free class and track time.  Although only available in the UK and Europe, those lucky enough to own a Black Carbon will get to know their new car on Aston Martin’s Performance Driving Course.  The day at the race track is filled with world class training so you can get the most out of your new ultra toy, a controlled course to learn the limits.  After all, there aren’t any public roads I’m aware of in the US or Europe capable of pushing the 500+ horsepower to it’s limits.  With the 2010 Aston Martin v12 Vantage Black Carbon Special Edition I think it’s safe to say that black is the new black.

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