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Kevin Morgan Trans Am Concept: The Bandit’s Back


Pontiac may be no more in the wake of General Motors’ restructuring, but that doesn’t mean that one of the brand’s most beloved models is gone forever.  By using the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro as a starting point, designer Kevin Morgan, in conjunction with Trans Am Depot, set about creating a modern incarnation of the the Pontiac Trans Am, a car indelibly etched into the pop culture landscape since the release of Smokey And The Bandit.  No word yet on whether the car will include a CB radio.

The Kevin Morgan Trans Am Concept, also known as the T/A 2.0 (T and A for Trans Am, and 2.0 for this design being the second developed by Morgan), captures many of the details of the Trans Am heyday, namely the models produced between 1977-1979 (the Smokey And The Bandit car is a 1977 model) and balances them with modern flair.  Most immediately noticeable is the huge phoenix emblem across the hood and the gold on black color scheme.  The hood also features a Shaker scoop, a rear spoiler, and a converted exhaust with splitter tips.


The wheels are 20-inchers that, despite their retro styling with the machined snowflake pattern in the center, were made to be skinned with Pirelli PZero performance tires, so you can be sure that this new Trans Am will handle quite a bit better than its forebear.  The car is also lowered by 1.5 inches and features a retooled sway bar system, so this car really hugs the road and keeps the center of gravity low on the corners.


On the inside, there isn’t all that much to differentiate the Kevin Morgan Trans Am from a regular Camaro.  There are a few turned aluminum accents for the doors and the instrument gauges, not to mention some Trans Am badges, but that’s pretty much it.  Of course, that fits in with the history.  If you sat in a late-70s Trans Am, then got into a Camaro from the same year, you could probably count the differences on one hand with fingers to spare (excluding badges, of course).


The Trans Am Concept is largely the same as the Camaro in mechanical terms, but Kevin Morgan and the Trans Am Depot are working on some performance mods so that the power matches the paint.  And they won’t have to look very far.  In the past few months, a few tuners have been cranking out performance packages for the new Camaro, and any of those should work just fine with the Trans Am.


And that’s really who this car is designed for:  the tuners.  Trans Am Depot says that they’ll be selling complete turn-key Trans Ams soon, but they’ll also be putting a conversion kit up for sale on their website towards the beginning of next year.  So, if you’ve got a 2010 Camaro, some mechanical know-how, some extra cash, and a love of Trans Ams, you can build yourself one hot car that you can use to bootleg some liquor down in Texarkana.

Pictures of the Kevin Morgan Trans Am Concept


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