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2010 Veritas RS III Roadster: Speedy, Sleek, and Silver


The 2010 Veritas RS III Roadster doesn’t look like anything else on the road, and fans of slick roadsters couldn’t be happier about that fact.  The Veritas brand is an old German marquee that has been resurrected in the past few years and the RS III Roadster marks the new company’s first foray into a production vehicle.

Though the roadster will be the first production vehicle for the new Veritas, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they’re doing.  The company has been putting out specialty racing cars and one-off road-legal models in the past few years.  However, while the Veritas RS III will be a production car, it will be a very exclusive production car:  only 30 cars are planned.  So what makes people want to spend a half million dollars on a resurrected German auto brand?


For starters, there’s the engine, which has been cribbed from the BMW M5.  This 5.0-liter V10 is tuned for the RS III to pump out 507 horsepower and hauls the car from 0-to-62 mph (100 km/h) in a mere 3.2 seconds.  And you can keep on going until you hit the top speed of 215 mph.  This speed is accomplished by a tightening of the belt:  it weighs in at only 2,400 pounds.  The engine is linked to a seven-speed sequential gearbox or a six-speed manual option if you don’t hold with those flappy-paddle shifters.


The suspension of the RS III is heavily influenced by Veritas’ experience making track racers, and the tube frame construction lends a lot of rigidity to the car.  That frame is wrapped in a carbon racing skin that has more in common with a Formula One racer than a regular sports car.  And what a skin it is, which brings us to the big selling point of the RS III:  the styling.


The RS III looks like it was designed by somebody from the 1950s trying to imagine what cars would look like in 2050.  The retro vibe is balanced by a very aggressive stance and a front end that looks like a snake ready to strike.  The passenger seat is normally covered, but can be exposed if you have somebody you’d like to take for a ride.  Just don’t expect a lot of conversation, because the lack of a windshield makes for a lot of wind noise when you hit the gas pedal.  And why wouldn’t you go fast in a car like that?


As of now, only 5 of the planned 30 cars have been sold, but there are 8 more on reserve.  And those people are definitely in for some thrills.  Other boutique sports cars tend to make overtures towards practicality.  There are satellite navigation systems and sumptuous interior upholstery.  The 2010 Veritas RS III roadster makes no such gestures.  It is secure in its identity as being highly impractical, but incredibly precise and fun to drive.  It’s a testament to completely off-the-wall cars, just like the ones we all hung on our bedroom walls when we were young.

Pictures of the Veritas RS III Roadster

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