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GTbyCitroen Supercar: When Virtual And Real Worlds Collide


The GTbyCitroen supercar is a very unique automobile, not just in its styling, but in its origin, because this was a car made for a digital world.  Not digital in the sense that it was created on a computer as a technical exercise, but rather that it was designed by Citroen and video game producer Polyphony for Gran Turismo 5  on the PS3.  A one-off concept car was debuted last year, but interest has been growing and the GTbyCitroen could possibly be the first production automobile to make the transition from video game to the road, and not the other way around.

The styling of the GTbyCitroen is a bit unorthodox, to say the least.  Take a look at the long rear overhang which, according to a Citroen press release, is supposed to create “retinal persistence,” which one would assume is code for “Hey, it looked cool in the video game, we didn’t think we’d have to build it!”  That same press release also includes the line, “The idea is to make the concept car even faster visually” and then goes on to quote a sublte white-to-grey color gradation on the sides that draws the eyeward.


Well, it better look fast, because once the production model hits the streets, it isn’t going to be the fastest car on the drag strip.  The GTbyCitroen weighs in a 3,000 pounds and as for power, well, we don’t know.  The one-off concept model was shown off at a press drive in London last month (so yes, it actually does move) but there hasn’t been any information released about the powerplant.  The Gran Turismo 5 video game has the car listed as having 778 horespower, with over 130 of those coming from a hydrogen powerplant, but that doesn’t seem likely in the real-world models on the way.  What’s much more likely is a sourced V8 from another automaker that receives thorough tunings and mods for an output of around 500 horses.

Okay, funky exterior styling, a sourced V8 powerplant, about what you’d expect from a very limited run supercar (there current plans say only six units will be built).  The interior is probably stripped down with some racing seats and some basic controls, right?  Wrong.  The black leather upholstery is fairly common, but the materials in the dash aren’t normally found on car interiors:  copper and steel.  Not the sort of material you want to bang your head against if you have a crash, and certainly not light-weight, but it’s definitely unique.


Looking at the picture above, you may be thinking, “Hey, where are the gauges?”  Well, the GTbyCitroen doesn’t have any.  Instead, it has a LED-based heads-up display (HUD).  The LEDs project all pertinent information directly onto the windshield so that the driver doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road in order to check their speed.

The word “unique” has already been used a few times in this article, but I’m forced to use it again; the GTbyCitroen is perhaps one of the most unique cars ever built.  It is perhaps the first concrete “Life Imitating Art” object resulting from the video game age, and Citroen is charging a hefty price for such a transition, $1.83 milllion (paying $60 for a video game doesn’t seem that expensive in comparison, does it?).  When the production car finally hits the road, it may end up to be a slow-poke (well, slow for a nearly $2 million car), but its looks, and the story behind it, will guarantee the GTbyCitroen’s place in the history books.

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