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2009 Audi TTS


The 2009 Audi TTS is a high-performance model of the already quick TT sports coupe and roadster.  The TTS has the same 2.0-liter four cylinder engine under the hood, but it has received some major tweaks that boost the power by 32%, taking the company’s sports car offering to an even higher level.

The 2.0-liter TSFI engine in the stock TT produces 200 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque.  Not bad at all for a car that weighs in at a hair under 3,000 pounds.  For the TTS, the engine block, cylinder heads, and connecting rods have all been bulked up, and the engine has been fitted with a new turbocharged with an advanced intercooling unit.  All told, the TTS power ratings are 265 horsepower and 265 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.  Considering that the weight has only increased by about 260 pounds in the coupe and 400 pounds in the roadster, that makes for a faster, more fun ride.


The TTS, just like the TT and virtually every Audi model, features the company’s Quattro AWD system, so that power is applied evenly regardless of road situation.  The coupe can hit 0-to-60 mph in 5.2 seconds, with the roadster laggin behind by 0.2 seconds due to a less-aerodynamic body design.

Fans of traditional manual transmissions will be a bit disappointed that the TTS in the U.S. only comes equipped with a six-speed dual clutch DSG setup, though the European market TTS models will have the standard manual option.  However, Audi claims that the DSG transmission offers faster acceleration times than the manual, so that balances it out a bit.  The TTS is electronically limited to 155 mph in both the coupe and roadster.


Going fast in the TTS requires some hefty brakes to slow down, and the brake rotors on the car are bigger than the wheels on many other car models.  The 18-inch wheels fit closley over the all-new 17-inch vented brake rotors and provide some serious stopping power.

Due to the extra weight, Audi had to use a variety of body materials on the TTS in order to maintain a good front to back ratio.  Front components are made of a lightweight aluminum while rear sections are made of steel.  Those body panels are wrapped around an interior that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for speed.  The seats are made of a supple Silk Nappa leather, and aluminum accents can be found around the cabin.  The combination is both comfortable, yet still sporty.  You won’t feel that you’re in a luxury tourer, but you won’t feel like you’re in a stripped-down racing coupe either.  All in all, it strikes a nice balance.


The 2009 Audi TTS is on the roads now and starts at $45,500 for the coupe and $47,500 for the roadster.  The performance differences between the coupe and roadster models are fairly negligible, so picking between a hard top or no top is a matter of personal preference.

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