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2010 Dodge Ram HD 2500


When it comes to heavy duty pickup trucks, it’s all about the turbo diesel engine.  The trucks weigh too much, and generally carry too much weight, for a gasoline engine to be cost efficient.  The amount of gasoline you’d burn would bring the mileage down to the mid single digits.  Enter the turbo diesel engine, which produces ample power, and gets better mileage.  When it comes to the heavy duty Dodge Ram trucks, the Cummins Turbo Diesel has been the power of the vehicles for years, and the tradition continues.

One big concern among truckmakers for the 2010 model year is that new government regulations, first enacted in 2007, are setting a new restriction on NOx emissions from diesel engines starting in mid-2010.  That means that Ford and General Motors have had to revise their engines to work under the new regulations.  Not Dodge, though.  The Cummins engine that got introduced to the lineup in 2007 to meet the first level of regulation was so good that it actually beat the upcoming 2010 regulations, three years ahead of schedule.  So all you Cummins fans, fear not.  There haven’t been any changes made to the venerable 6.7-liter engine, and when the intial product is of such quality, that’s a good thing.


In fact, aside from the body panels, there haven’t been many changes made to the Ram HD 2500 for the 2010 model year.  The suspension has been tuned and a few adjustments have been made to various systems, like the steering and the brakes, but they aren’t major changes, more like small tweaks.  The new body panels do what truck panels are supposed to do:  they look strong yet manage to avoid any boxiness.  All in all, a good looking truck from the outside.

The inside is no different.  A revamped interior has been added to the 2010 Dodge Ram HD2500, and it makes the cabin even more comfortable.  The idea was to take the creature comforts more common on light-duty trucks like the Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150, and add them to the workhorse HD 2500 and 3500 models.  Mission successful.  The interiors are still rugged enough that they won’t be destroyed by men going in and out throughout the work day, but there is still enough comfort that you’ll be able to enjoy the ride home after that long day.


In all, the 2010 Dodge Ram HD 2500 is a great pickup truck.  It stuck with the things that worked great in the older model, namely the engine and the chassis, and it made changes where necessary in the body work and interior.  The resulting combination is a sturdy and reliable, yet comfortable, work truck that would be a welcome addition to any work site.

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