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2009 Porsche 911


The traditional Porsche 911 saw a few updates over the traditional setup for the 2009 model year, and this both thrilled and terrified Porsche fans.  The thrilling part was that those who wanted to see the 911 upgraded were overjoyed, the terrifying part was that others didn’t want Porsche to mess with their formula.  Well, there is something for both types of fans in the new 911, as the car has not strayed far from its roots, but does deliver on some special extras.

The first extra that you look for in any sports car that gets upgraded is that horsepower.  Fear not, the 911 has a few extra ponies under the hood, with the base model getting an extra 20 and the S model getting an extra 30, bringing the final tally to 345 and 385 respectively.  That extra power is now mated to the new PDK dual-clutch gearbox.  This seven-speed transmission is race-inspired and manages to do two, seeming paradoxical, things:  it makes the car accelerate faster, and improves the vehicle’s fuel economy.  0-to-60 times are a swift 4.5 seconds in the base 911, and the S model with a PDK transmission and Sport Chrono package can make it in 4.1 seconds.


To those die-hard fans of the Porsche 911′s styling, fear not, because the major parts remain from the previous model.  The biggest changes to the 2009 are actually fairly small.  The front bumper air intakes have been made bigger to improve airflow to the engine and the rear view mirrors have been adjusted to improve visibility.


There is an extra add-on to the 2009 model not featured on the 2008:  a more than $2,000 higher price tag.  The base model 911 coupe now starts at $75,600, the base cabriolet and the S model coupe start at $86,200, and the S model cabriolet goes for $96,800.  Although, if you’re at a point where you’re about to buy a Porsche, an extra two thousand dollars probably won’t break your budget.

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