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Nissan GT-R SpecV


Awhile back, we looked at the Nissan GT-R, a no-holds-barred speed machine that has since gone on to claim numerous Car Of The Year Awards.  Nissan wasn’t content to sit on their laurels, though, and have now introduced a new version of the GT-R, the SpecV.  So how do you improve on an engineering pinnacle like the GT-R?  You make it lighter, faster, and more nimble.

Of those three improvements, it is the car’s agility and handling ability that has seen that most drastic overhaul.  The 3.8-liter V6 engine now produces 478 horsepower, a slight improvement over the original’s 473, and the weight has been dropped 132 pounds.  These seem modest improvements, but when combined with the nadling upgrades, they take the GT-R SpecV from a track beast to a lap record-destroying monster.


While there are only a few extra ponies in the SpecV, the torque band has gotten an incredible improvement.  The original had 434 lb-ft at 3200 RPM; the new one has 448 lb-ft over the entire rev band of 3500-5200 RPM. Once this baby winds up, it will slam you back in your seat for an incredible 80 straight seconds of intense acceleration.  Powering through a corner never felt so good.

That much torque means that you need a much more powerful braking system, so enter the Brembo six-piston ceramic brake package and new Bridgestone RE070 tires to apply that braking force to the road.  When braking from 150 mph, the Brembo package generates 2g’s of force.  The car may stop, but your face will continue to move forward.  Of course, a braking system that potent isn’t cheap.  Forget a brake job that costs a couple hundred dollars, a full brake overhaul runs $50,000.


The GT-R SpecV is made for the track, so Nissan is bringing if to the famous Nurburgring track in Germany this April in an attempt to beat the company’s previous 7-minute 29-second record.  With the upgrades on this car, that should be no problem whatsoever, and Nissan has their sights set on the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1′s 7-minute 26-second time.  An 80-second torque band and a $50,000 braking package?  That should be more than sufficient to knock 3 seconds off the GT-R’s time.

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