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2010 Lincoln MKZ


The design philosophy behind the 2010 Lincoln MKZ is fairly simple.  Take the basic platform of a mid-size sedan, in this case the new Ford Fusion, and turn it into a luxury model.  This system has worked very well for the Lexus ES 350, which is based on the Toyota Camry, and while the Lincoln MKZ has faltered in past years, it looks like everything went right for the 2010 model.

Ford is well aware of the ES 350′s success, and has the car in its crosshairs.  The new MKZ hits the market with a base price of $34,965, which is a mere $180 less than the Lexus.  Not only that, but the biggest praise for the ES 350 is that it has a very smooth, very tranquil drive.  Not to be outdone, the Lincoln MKZ has undergone refinements designed to make it, in so few words, an ES 350-killer.

The first and most noticeable change is in the suspension.  New springs and dampers, along with revisions made to the rear suspension’s geometry, give the MKZ a more comfortable ride.  And for those that want luxury and some performance, there is a Sport package that firms up the springs and adds bigger anti-roll bars so you can take the corners in style.


Engine-wise, there haven’t been any radical changes.  Instead there have been refinements.  The old MKZ was slow off the line and didn’t feel as though it was powered by a 3.5-liter V6.  Some changes to the engine’s computer, a new induction system, and varied shift points makes the car a lot more responsive to the throttle and a lot more fun to drive.

When it comes to luxury, the Lincoln MKZ has a lot ot offer.  First of all, a big goal for the designers was to create a car that had a very quiet cabin.  To that end, special dampeners were added throughout the car, including a thicker rear window, “stuffers” in the pillars, and a specially laminated windshield.  This brings the outside noise to a minimum, adding to the tranquil feeling Lincoln was aiming for.  The interior also has all the gadgets and refinements you would expect from a luxury car.


In all, the Lincoln MKZ is very much on par with its main rival, the Lexus ES 350.  The fact that it is $180 cheaper is negligible, as extrason either car will surely hav you spending amounts that make that amount seem paltry.  But, if you’re looking for a mid-size luxury sedan starting at around $35k, the new 2010 Lincoln MKZ is definitely worth a look.

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