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2010 Ford Mustang GT


Ford’s classic muscle car, the Mustang, has been around for four decades, and the new model being released this year represents the most recent revision to the fifth generation of the vehicle.  While releasing the newest iteration of a muscle car may not seem like a wise move considering today’s economy and the car market, the 2010 Ford Mustang GT is poised to make quite a splash in dealer showrooms.

The big selling point is the price.  If you’re looking for a car that is stylish, fun to drive, and has some power under the hood, then the new Mustang GT is a steal.  Starting at $28,000 for a baseline GT (a V6 base model starts even lower, at around $21,000), this car is as easy on your wallet as it is on your eyes.


Performance-wise, the 2010 Mustang GT has Ford’s reliable 4.6-liter V8 under the hood, which produces 315 horsepower.  This pony will go from 0-to-60 mph in a hair under 5 seconds, and you can reach the 100 mph mark at about 12.5 seconds.  Not bad for a car that costs less than $30K.  The weight distribution on the car is a 57% front/43% rear split, so the excess weight at the front end can be a detriment to steering at times.  However, Ford does offer a Track Package that costs $1495, which will stiffen up the suspension and give you more control.  Will the average driver need it?  Probably not, but if you like to take turns pretty fast, it is definitely a good investment to make.


The Ford Mustang is an iconic vehicle in American history, and the new 2010 model seeks to appropriate some of that mystique.  Ford designers have tried in the past to recapture the 60s spirit of the car, particularly with the first models of the current generation, which began in 2005, but these attempts have fallen a bit short.  Well, the 2010 model hits the nail on the head.  The styling is a perfect combination of the traditional 60s lines and modern enhancements.

Good looking, fun to drive, and not that expensive?  The 2010 Ford Mustang GT is definitely going to be popular.


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