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New Pontiac Muscle Car?

New Pontiac Muscle Car

Speculation is raging that Pontiac is planning to release a new muscle car, following the introduction of the newest car from Holden in Australia. This company has long worked with GM and there are many who believe that this model may be identical to one that Pontiac will release in the States soon. Since Pontiac has been left behind in the muscle car resurgence which has seen entries from all of the big three automakers, the time would certainly be ripe for such a release.

The Coupe 60 from Holden is quite a vehicle and even puts Pontiac’s latest entry, the G8, to shame. It is expected to be E85 capable which may just give it an edge over the big three’s muscle cars, especially as gas prices continue to go up. The GTO or Firebird is not expected to be making a comeback, leaving many puzzled as to what Pontiac has up its sleeve. The easiest answer seems to be that they are planning their own Coupe 60 release quite soon.

Although Holden has not been clear as to whether they are really going to produce the Coupe 60, it has made quite a stir in Australia, where consumers have been clambering for it. If the company fails to do so, it may be an indication that Pontiac has bigger plans in store for a similar model. However, this may be quite irritating to the Aussie’s that have been anticipating the release of the Coupe 60 for quite some time.

One of the major problems facing automakers right now is bringing their vehicles in line with government regulations that will force them to have cars that get at least 35 mpg by the year 2020. This has meant that a lot of the focus has shifted to hybrids and electrics, while the muscle cars languish.

Many automakers are planning to do away with their V8 models all together unless they can come up with a way to make them more fuel efficient and still affordable for the average consumers. According to sources placed within the automotive industry, the technology is there to produce a muscle car that is capable of reaching 35mpg, but the cost would be prohibitive for the average consumer.

This makes the E85 compatible Coupe 60 even more attractive. If Pontiac is not planning their own version, they may want to consider it if they want to stay competitive in the muscle car wars. Although the restrictions haven’t officially started, consumers want more fuel efficient vehicles, just as long as they are as affordable as regular ones. The Coupe 60 may be the answer to this problem.

There is speculation that a similar model may be unveiled as the G8 GXP, or that the newest G8 will take its cues from the Holden Coupe 60. Until the car company starts being a little more forthcoming on their plans, all we can do is speculate and hope that they will not get left behind.


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