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2009 Jaguar XF

The new Jaguar XF for 2009 may just convince fence sitters to give this car company a try. They’ve gone all out with the features on this one, and it certainly is not your father’s Jaguar. Right off the bat, when you get inside, you’ll notice the difference. When you fire up the engine, the shift knob deploys, which is really only needed in drive or reverse, but this is one feature that is sure to catch people’s eyes quickly.

Have a tendency to forget to put your car in park? With this model, you’ll never have to worry about it again. The car automatically puts itself in park when you press the stop button on the shift knob. The knob retracts back into the dash and you’re all set to go. This isn’t the only innovation you’ll find inside however. The glove box can be opened with just a slight touch of your finger and the entire cockpit is designed with your comfort in mind.

The windows have been lowered a bit, in order to allow more natural lighting inside the vehicle. Oversized armrests keep you comfortable in the driver’s seat and there is plenty of head and leg room. The new design does scrimp a little bit on backseat place, but otherwise, it’s hard to find a reason to complain with the interior on this model. The backrests even fold forever to give you more storage space inside.

Moving on to the engine, this is a decidedly more powerful model and it features 4.2L V8 engine capable of producing 300hp. If you need a little more get up and go, the Supercharged XF is available with 420hp. Either way, you’ll get their six speed automatic transmission, which doesn’t fail to impress. Shifting is smooth and without any jolts or skips. The suspension on this model comes from the XK Jaguar and offers an incredibly smooth ride for the driver and passengers. Handling is a dream and overall, this is a car you definitely need to take for a test drive.

Top speed for this model, depending on drag, ranges from 121 to 155mph. It’s capable of reaching 0 to 60 in 5.1 to 6.2 seconds, depending on the model that you select. Fuel economy is decent for both models at around 15/24.

Lastly, the exterior is pure Jaguar. It’s a bit bigger than other models, at 195.3 inches total. The roofline was raised a bit, to make more room for the interior cargo space and the changed windows. Don’t forget to check out the warped metal bars that are located right under each headlight. You’ll find a little message from Jaguar’s director of design.

The back scoops down a bit and lends a very aerodynamic look to the whole vehicle. The standard 300hp model starts at around $49k, while the Supercharged version will set you back a little more than $62k. Considering the improvements Jaguar has made to this model, it’s a small price to pay for the combination of comfort, design, innovation and sleek looks.

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