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Mercedes SL Range Gets an Upgrade

Mercedes is giving its SL range a major face lift with the 2009 model year giving way to the SL63 and the SL65.  The SL63 is powered by the naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V8 engine, which gives it the ability to produce 525 HP along with 465 lb – feet torque.  With an acceleration from 0 – 62 in 4.6 seconds, the SL63 certainly wouldn’t be expected to be considered the less powerful option in most instances.

The fact is, though, that in the SL range for Mercedes – Benz, the SL63 is exactly that, the less powerful option.  This is because the flagship car of the range is the SL65, which features the 612 HP 6.0 liter twin turbo V12, which features 738 lb – feet of torque.  It can take its passengers from 0 to 62 in 4.2 seconds.

Both of the new SL’s have a top speed that is limited to 155, which should be plenty of speed for even the most pronounced thrill seeker.  Both also have a new look front end, which has a more pronounced wedge shape along with larger air intakes, a black painted radiator grill, and a lower transverse fin which is also painted black.  Even the lights have gotten a facelift on these two new cars, with new Bi-xenon headlamps and set back fog lamps adding to the entire facelift to give the car a brand new look.

The doors have been redesigned as well, conforming to the new look of the car, and now feature LED indicators.  The body has been given a slight upgrade with a rear apron with a diffuser insert and side skirts.  The roof opens in a very quick time of 16 seconds, and is available in a glass version for anyone that prefers that option.

The SL63 is the first Mercedes to find itself in the enviable position of having the brand new Speedshift MCT 7 speed twin clutch sports transmission.  The transmission is designed to withstand a high level of torque along with a maximum of rev of up to 7200 RPM.  The car comes in four models including the comfort, sport, sport plus, and manual.  The manual comes with double declutching and a race start function, making this a perfect car to race almost immediately after purchase.

The SL65 on the other hand finds itself with the more common five speed automatic transmission.  It comes with a multi disc slip differential, which gives the car optimal traction.  While the 65 isn’t designed in quite the same manner as the 63, it is still set to withstand the same high level of torque, allowing the driver to really put the power in the car to the test.

All things considered, the new SL range from Mercedes Benz has to be considered one of the highlights of the 2009 model year.  The redesigned style and substance of the cars allows the driver to be attracted to the look of the car from the first moment, while also being blown away the first time behind the wheel.

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