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Alfa Romeo

2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Although Alfa Romeo has generally ignored the US market for the past ten years, this looks to be a thing of the past. In 2008, they will introduce their new 8C Competizione into the marketplace to see how well the $250k vehicle is received. While this will only appeal to a specific consumer, enthusiasts are quite pleased to see what this new model has to offer.

Body Notes

There isn’t much bad that you could ever say about an Alfa Romeo. The body on this model certainly does not disappoint. Engineers were told to create a vehicle that could be used every day in real life as well as on the track and the result is a sleek performance look that will certainly turn heads wherever you go. One interesting point of note is the weight of this beast at 3500 pounds. This is due to the amount of carbon fibers used in its construction.

Interior Notes

The inside is as luxurious as you could hope, boasting 22 pound leather bolsters and accents on the seats. One problem that many reviewers have noted is the placement of the brake and gas pedal, which are far too close together. Many have commented that you end up stomping on both, which is not exactly a good experience.

One interesting feature to note is the “oh merda” handle on the front dash, which is machined from a block of solid aluminum and looks like it could easily do double duty on a ship. It certainly stands out from the rest of the interior, but given the placement of the pedals, it may be essential.

Performance Notes

The engine inside this model owes much of its origin to the Ferrari, a fact which will please many. The 7500-rpm twin-cam V-8 engine produces 444 hp with 354 pound-feet of torque. The rear-mounted six-speed automated manual transmission which is coupled to a limited-slip differential will certainly get you around without much difficulty. You’ll only need 4.2 seconds to go from 0-60, keeping it competitive with similar models.

This model will only be offered in a limited release, but if you have the money to burn, we suggest getting on the waiting list now. Alfa Romeo won’t be making many Competiziones, but the ones they do make are certainly going to become collector’s items. If the company manages to steer clear of the problems that forced them to withdraw from the US market in the 80’s, this may just be the vehicle that can bring them back in force. The actual release date has not yet been determined for this model, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open for more news.

In addition to this model, it is believed that the company will also release their Brera, 159 and Spider models in the US. Nothing has been confirmed however and the company is pretty close mouthed about their plans. One thing is for certain however, they are back in the US and hopefully back to stay.

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