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Prepping Your Car for Picture Day

Prepping Your Car for Picture DayJust as we had to go through the tedious process of combing and primping for school pictures, you’ll want to spend some extra time getting your car ready for its pictures. A muddy car never photographs well and you’ll want to highlight it to the best of your ability. Here are some tips to get your car camera ready in no time at all.

1. Wash and wax it. Take your car to a professional car wash for a complete wash and wax. Try to minimize your driving time after this to ensure that your car doesn’t pick up any extra dirt. Once you get home, you may need to buff it with a soft cloth to remove any dust that you may have attracted on the way home.

2. Clean and polish the wheels. You’ll want to make sure your wheels are looking snappy too. If they didn’t get completely clean at the car wash, take some time to thoroughly clean out every nook and cranny. Once they are completely clear of debris, buff them with either a special polish or a simple soft cloth.

3. Clean and polish the chrome. Any part of your vehicle that has chrome should be buffed to perfection for your photos. Take the extra time to really polish the chrome to get a nice high shine. Pay extra attention to any rough spots that may be lurking on the insides. These could be picked up in the photo.

4. Minimize any rust. No matter where you live, your car is bound to get a little rusty after a few years. If you do have rust on your car, consider a touch-up paint job before a photo session. If this isn’t an option, you can simply position your car so that the rust isn’t so noticeable. If all else fails, you can use a photo editor to do a virtual touch up on any really bad spots.

5. Thoroughly clean the interior. Even though you may think that this won’t be visible in exterior photos, it is a good idea to make sure that the interior is completely clean. Remove all debris and completely vacuum the interior. Take the mats out and either vacuum them or hose them off, depending on the material. Pay special attention to the outlines they may leave behind on your car’s floor and vacuum up any excess debris. You’ll also want to polish your car’s interior using Armorol or another similar product.

6. Thoroughly clean all the windows. Even after a car wash, you may have some spots on your windows. These will show up as imperfections in your car’s photographs. Get some window cleaner and really go to work to get them to shine. If you can’t get professional window cleaner, try some vinegar on a soft cloth. Make sure the vinegar doesn’t get on the paint job. After you’re done and the windows are completely dry, buff them with some newspaper for a high gloss finish.

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