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Important Rules for Posting Car Pictures Online

Millions of car lovers enjoy using the internet to share their love for cars with one another. One great way to do this is by trading pictures. But there are some important rules that should be considered before posting car pictures on the internet.

1. Users should only post pictures they take themselves. Car enthusiasts can sometimes find themselves in trouble when they take a picture from a car manufacturer or parts company’s official website and use it on their MySpace profile or blog. Unless somebody has taken a picture of a car themselves, they should not make copies of it or post it on their own websites. Most pictures on the internet are copyrighted, and it is possible for people to get into legal trouble even for using pictures in a harmless way, such as on MySpace or personal blogs. Even many pictures on free sites like PhotoBucket are actually the copyrighted work of photographers or corporations.

2. Users should never post pictures of other people without their permission. First and foremost, this is common sense. Not everybody wants their picture posted on the internet. In this day of cyber-stalking and other online crimes, it also becomes a liability issue when an internet user posts a digital picture of somebody else without their permission.

3. Users should never post pictures of other people’s cars without their permission. When somebody posts a picture of a car to their MySpace profile or personal webpage, it can give the impression that they own the car. If the real owner of the car sees this, they may become upset or offended—possibly even to the point of attempting some sort of legal action. It’s better for internet users to play it safe, and get permission before using any photograph online, even if they think its no big deal.

4. License plate numbers should not be visible in online photos. Although it is unlikely that a predator could ever steal somebody’s identity simply from getting a license plate number, it’s always a good idea to be on the safe side of things. Being overly cautious is always better than being on the wrong end of an online crime like stalking, bullying, or identity theft. This rule is especially important for users to remember if the car in the photo is not their own; in such a case this is comparable to posting somebody else’s drivers license number online without their consent.

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