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Tips for Photographing Your Car

When taking pictures of your vehicle, you will need to ensure you choose the proper photo angle.  Angle your vehicle to where the front right headlight is directly facing the camera.  This will provide viewers a focal-point and it will show off your vehicle in perfect fashion.  Avoid an excessive amount of shadows (preferably none) and also stay away from capturing the sun or tress in the picture.

Do not take photographs of your vehicle at night.  This may give you a unique look, the buyers will not have an accurate depiction of what your vehicle actually looks like.  Realism is very important when selling your vehicle through photographs.  Always clean your vehicle before taking pictures of it.  The slightest amount of dirt can make the car’s paint look dull.  Freshly cleaned and waxed vehicles photograph the best.

Head-on views usually demonstrate an awkward angle for vehicles.  The best angle to choose is having the car angled at you, with one of the front headlights directly facing you.  The background of the picture should be free of an excessive amount of “noise.”  Do not take a picture of your car with other vehicles in the background, or if there are trees nearby.  What’s in the background will likely catch the attention of the viewer, rather than your actual car.
Take several photographs of your vehicle, showcasing it in a solitary location and then also showing off its usability.  If you have a Jeep Wrangler, you would want to take a photograph of it sitting in front of a solid surface, and then another one showcasing its abilities as an off-road car.  Placing the Jeep in a dirt road and taking an angled photograph would correctly show-off the car.
Always turn your vehicle wheels towards the camera.  Do not over-exaggerate the tires, only turn them slightly.  Never take a photograph of your vehicle in a parking lot near painted lines.  Again, this would draw the attention away from your car and place it on the background.  Photographing your car in front of a brick building, or in front of shrubs, is a great way to showcase the overall appearance of the car.
Using a photo editor can be a great way to maximize the appearance of your pictures.  There are moments where you are not able to have perfect lighting or contrast.  By making small edits to the image quality, you can increase the aesthetic value of your car.  Never alter the actual condition of your vehicle though.  If there are scratches and dents, do not cover these up through a photo editor.  Buyers will quickly learn this and your car will be returned, and possible legal action could incur.
Unless you are a seasoned photographer, stay away from moving shots.  These are difficult and can take away from the beauty of your vehicle.  If you are able to take moving shots that can still showcase the features of your car, they can be a powerful secondary photograph.  Also, never take a picture of your vehicle with the sun directly behind it.  This will outshine your vehicle, which will hinder the viewer’s perception.

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