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Getting Your Car Photo Just Right

People who love cars always want to have a photo that displays their ride “just so”. And it is a quest that we all pursue at one time or another, trying to get the perfect picture of your vehicle. Its fun to share car photos, but to truly put forth your car in an impressive manner, having a great picture is key to this process. It is just like the old saying goes; a photo is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it is good to get a little advice or help in getting that perfect car photo. Getting that special “Money” shot is worth the time it takes to remember a few things.
Background. Key to any kind of photo is the background, if you get the background off then your picture will just not look right. Simply simply having a background that distracts or disturbs the shot has ruined some of the best pictures. Some examples of this are backgrounds that are overly dramatic, or backgrounds that are distracting. With background such as these, your eyes are busy with the background and you miss the point of the photo entirely. Any stray object that gets in the shot will take away from the photo, so try and keep any power lines or trees, even poles or wires out of the shot.

Angle. The use of angle in your shot can mean all the difference in the world, or it can ruin your photo. Different or extreme angles can give your car a mean or aggressive look, but is that what you intended? If it is something you wanted to do, great, but otherwise you should be aware and correct for angles that are detracting from your photo. Eye Level. This angle can help remove or eliminate distractions, getting down to the cars level is also one way to accentuate the photo. This angle can help give your car a rough or aggressive look, especially if that is what you are seeking. Tilted Angles. If you can get a tilt shot down just right, then it can make or break your photo. If done correctly it can really jazz up your photo, if done wrong it will look like you messed up while taking the shot. Using tilted angles can sometimes give the impression of movement even if there is not any, so it’s a difficult thing to pull off but when done well it can really be a thing of beauty.

Above Shots. Shooting from above the car can add drama and make your car really stand out. It can provide a different view and it can be very cool. Ground Level Shots. You may try setting the camera on the ground, while similar to eye level angle shots, it can also provide interesting background. Contrast is sometimes achieved with a ground level shot. Different Positions. Many people shoot their car from one or two positions, but there are a variety of angles and positions available. Sometimes you may shoot your car from an angle to the quarter, or you can move the vehicle to a slightly different location and shoot from the same place to vary the shot.

Motion Shots. These can be some of the most exciting. Basically motion shots are moving the camera while the vehicle is in motion, or panning, and then taking a lot of shots rapid fire. If you practice, you can achieve some very interesting and one of a kind shots.

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