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The Audi S5 Coupe Brings the Attitude

For the last several years, Audi has been rapidly increasing the size of its lineup with lots of new models – since 2005, the relatively new car manufacturer has produced about 19 models of automobile which are either new or in some way redesigned. Having already tried their hand at most of the popular styles of auto with the other parts of their lineup over the past couple years, Audi is now producing cars which seem to straddle different areas of popular design.

The Audi S5 Coupe is the latest example of how Audi is producing cars which do not fit exactly into existing categories. By name a coupe, the Audi S5 Coupe has a wide and low body compared to the A4 Sedan which uses the same frame, and it has much stronger and more masculine lines in its design when compared to the Audi R8.

This design for the Audi S5 Coupe seems to go along with the trend that we have seen recently of auto manufacturers going back to the days of the muscle car and either developing muscle car revivals or incorporating some of the design elements of muscle cars into their new models of vehicle to take advantage of the way that consumer tastes are moving. More car buyers these days are looking for vehicles that convey a sense of high performance, ruggedness and speed, cars which have a lot of attitude and are more decidedly masculine.

So to talk about the performance characteristics of the Audi S5 Coupe: the car is equipped with a V-8 engine which makes it perfect for sailing at high speed down the freeways. The Audi S5 Coupe has 354 horsepower – at low speeds it is easy enough to handle but the place where the Audi S5 Coupe really shines is when you have a straightaway and want to lay on the accelerator. 325 pound feet of torque give you the strength that you need to shift through the layers of the Audi S5 Coupe’s capability.

The visual design of the Audi S5 Coupe is cool and a little imposing – the design of the Audi S5 Coupe makes it clear that it is supposed to stand out among similar cars and be the coolest car of its type in the neighborhood. In fact, the overall design of the Audi S5 Coupe seems to be focused on the man who wants to have a sweet car that he can show off and which provides the extra speed he can be proud of on the road – about as far as you can go in developing a high performance vehicle without turning it into a race car.

This is another example of a great vehicle in the spirit of the current move towards muscle car style designs; the Audi S5 Coupe is perfect for the guys who want a car that has a lot of power and a lot of style and who are willing to pay a little more to have the best looking, most high performance car on the block.

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