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Muscle Cars Make a Comeback Among New Year Models

The new brands of cars that are being unveiled by auto manufacturers this year are varied in their designs and focus, but there is one trend that seems to unite them – they are all expected to be a lot of fun to drive. Muscle car style designs seem to be making a comeback, as new models are expected to provide turbocharged power for drivers and the major manufacturers all seem to be bringing out revivals of their most popular muscle cars of yesteryear.
Chrysler has jumped into the muscle car revival frenzy with its remake of the classic Dodge Challenger. General Motors, of course, has announced its latest version of the Camaro, the muscle car famous for winning the Trans-Am championship twice in a row for Chevrolet (in its Z28 engine configuration) when it was first developed for the race in the late 60s, and amazingly made available in a racing configuration on the showroom floor (though in limited numbers, as the Z28 was not widely publicized for the market).

Ford has continued its ongoing revival of the Ford Mustang, which can be said to have begun in 2004 when it produced its Mustang redesign, with the new Ford Mustang Bullitt. The movie Bullitt in 1968 starred Steve McQueen and was best known for its car chase scene – an extended sequence which featured a green Mustang GT and became one of the most popular car chases in cinema history. Ford hopes to capitalize on the memories of those who saw the original movie with their new Ford Mustang which features a black grille and similar colors to the movie vehicle.

The other car that was featured in the car chase from Bullitt, the Dodge Charger, has also seen a comeback in recent years when Dodge brought it back in 2005. Of course, since the Dodge Charger lost in the famous Bullitt chase sequence, the movie angle has not been widely publicized by Dodge. Instead, Dodge has put its focus into the Challenger SRT8 with its Hemi V8 engine.

Other cars that are coming out for the first time in 2008 provide some interesting takes on the muscle car formula. The two which are likely to stir up the most excitement are the Tesla Roadster from Tesla Motors and the Smart Fortwo.

The Smart Fortwo is an unusually small, almost egg shaped car which looks like an electric car but is in fact built around a three cylinder engine. While it is obviously not designed for high speed performance the Fortwo is expected to be fun to drive around town and to attract attention with its unusual appearance.

The Tesla Roadster, on the other hand, is an electric car which drives like a high performance car. The Tesla Roadster is $98,000 and battery powered. It is capable of high speeds, and the production run for 2008 is said to have been completely sold out already, so if you are interested in the Tesla Roadster you had better start looking for the 2009 pre-sales as soon as you can!

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